We launched THE ONLINE OPSHOP in 2020.

We believe in less wardrobe to waste and more wardrobe to wardrobe.
We believe clothes can live a second life or maybe even three or more.
We enjoy showing you quality pre-loved clothes in a fashionable way.
Our team is volunteer strong just like a traditional op shop.
We are here to be Australia’s No 1 online Op Shop experience.
We are a real charity.


Our Packaging

We think opening a package is one of life’s small pleasures.Our items are wrapped in a turquoise tissue paper as a shout out to Earth Village Op Shop’s original Logo from 2009.Each item has a quality check card so you can see who checked your items.We ship with 100% compostable HERO PACKAGING made from corn starch and cassava root.


We Price Fair!

We don’t believe in inflating prices for items that don’t deserve the $$ tag.Our team has decades of pricing knowledge and we use it to ensure items are priced fair.Items are priced on average between 10% - 30% of the original RRP depending on quality, label and fashion relevance.Our lowest clothing price is $5.5. Sometimes that includes fast fashion items that are often cheap originally. We are trying to get these items from waste back to a wardrobe and it’s a big process. We hope you can trust our quality check and know that giving something a second life is better than adding to wardrobe waste.  Don’t worry, if an item is not in good wearable condition, we won’t try and flog it here.