We launched THE ONLINE OPSHOP in 2020.

We believe in less wardrobe to waste and more wardrobe to wardrobe.
We believe clothes can live a second life or maybe even three or more.
We enjoy showing you quality pre-loved clothes in a fashionable way.
Our team is volunteer strong just like a traditional op shop.
We are here to be Australia’s No 1 online Op Shop experience.
We are a real charity.

Meet our Team xx


Annie-Maree xx
Annie-Maree brings two decades of experience to THE ONLINE OP SHOP and launched our very own Earth Village Op Shop located in Melton VIC back in 2009. Annie-Maree shoots for the stars! She is loves impeccably merchandised spaces with accurate fashion, label and pricing knowledge and is excited to bring her experience into this new era of THE ONLINE OPSHOP. Annie-Maree is responsible for overall production and team.



Sue xx
Sue has been a part of the Earth Village Op Shop team since 2010 with a short stint in a rural Op Shop warehouse. Sue is our own in-house energiser bunny. She loves beautiful fabrics, quality labelling details and putting outfits together. Sue is a recognisable face that many of our in-store regulars will know and love. Sue is responsible for our raw stock sort and has been responsible for our in-store pricing for many years.


Julie xx
Julie is a mutli tasking star at The Earth Village Community and spends half her time cooking in our kitchens and the other half working on product photography and write ups for THE ONLINE OPSHOP. She is a founding director or our organisation and you can see her heart for the serving our community in everything she does.



Hasan :)
Hasan is our AWESOME digital content producer and is responsible for all our website graphics, email campaigns and social posts as well as being a photo retouching master and part of our order fulfilment team. He understands our world and passion for the community and is ready and willing to help with anything we need so we can keep helping those in need in our community. 

+ a few more face shy folk xx

Our Packaging

We think opening a package is one of life’s small pleasures.Our items are wrapped in a turquoise tissue paper as a shout out to Earth Village Op Shop’s original Logo from 2009.Each item has a quality check card so you can see who checked your items.We ship with 100% compostable HERO PACKAGING made from corn starch and cassava root.

We Price Fair!

We don’t believe in inflating prices for items that don’t deserve the $$ tag.Our team has decades of pricing knowledge and we use it to ensure items are priced fair.Items are priced on average between 10% - 30% of the original RRP depending on quality, label and fashion relevance.Our lowest clothing price is $5.5. Sometimes that includes fast fashion items that are often cheap originally. We are trying to get these items from waste back to a wardrobe and it’s a big process. We hope you can trust our quality check and know that giving something a second life is better than adding to wardrobe waste.  Don’t worry, if an item is not in good wearable condition, we won’t try and flog it here!